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XG11 Mode 1

XG11 Mode 1

Product Information


Based on the popular DSX11 and 11X, the JR XG11 is an 11 channel radio with frequency-hopping technology.

  • JR XG11 transmitter 2.4Ghz DMSS with 2S 1400mAh LiFE battery
  • JR RG831B receiver with telemetry satellite receiver
  • 240V AU legal charger (NEC-D912C)
  • DMSS Telemetry function
  • DC jack is same as XG8.
  • My List
  • Easy setting function(Wizard)
  • Touch select function (You can select the display icon by hopping switch, too.)
  • Advanced digital trim
  • Trainer jack
  • SD card slot
  • Graphic display with backlight function
  • Stick sping adjust
  • Throttle stick angle adjuster(Digital version)
  • Short stick head for better operation (Red color anodized stick) Option long stick head can be used.

Featuring JR’s DMSS 2.4Ghz frequency hopping system, the JR X11 remote control system is a highly functional transmitter. Complete with inbuilt telemetry, the JR X11 radio can be used with model planes, helis and gliders. Showcasing an improved display with 7 point curve mixers and a lightweight 2S 1400 LiFE transmitter battery, the JRX11 is an advanced, yet easy-to-use transmitter. Order yours now.  

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