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Futaba MZ14 2.4 Gig TX/RX

Futaba MZ14 2.4 Gig TX/RX

Product Information


14-Channel 2.4GHz Computer System

Enjoy the unrivaled power and dependability of the world's only 14-channel R/C system!
Now with the unmatched dependability of FASST.

It's the flight system pilots have been waiting for: the perfect marriage of the incredible programming power and flexibility of the 14MZ to Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology (FASST) — the most dependable signal transmission technology ever created.

Long before it was ever considered for hobby use, Futaba engineers had already begun using and refining 2.4GHz technology for industrial R/C use. By the time we discovered the hobby potential of 2.4GHz technology, we had over 15 years of experience in 2.4GHz design and manufacturing — a unique advantage that pays off in the premium performance of Futaba FASST systems.


14MZ System Overview:

  • DUAL internal processors for flawless reliability.
  • PCM G3 2048 resolution for unprecedented speed and precision.
  • Full color, touch screen display with Dial 'n Key™ button. Navigate through menus and make selections by touching the screen or using the Dial 'n Key button.
  • 2200mAh Lithium-Ion transmitter battery
  • Switch Customizing. Reconfigure the eight 14MZ shoulder switches to your own preference. Just pull out a switch to remove it, and plug in the style you prefer — tall or short, button or toggle, spring-loaded or positionable.
  • Stick Customizing-A tension adjustment lets you tailor stick "feel" to your own touch. Dual ball bearings on each axis and a long-life potentiometer ensure smooth, precise control.
  • Audio and Picture files-Using a Compact Flash memory card, modelers can upload JPEG picture images of their models that will appear on the LCD screen. Use the built-in mic to record and store up to 24 voice prompts -- like "Landing gear down!" and "Full throttle!" Assign them to specific switches and functions. Then, through the built-in speaker or included earphones, you'll hear audio confirmations of proper stick movement.
  • Compact Flash Card Data Storage & Transfer Increase memory to 100 models. Upload digital images of your aircraft for use as model names on the graphic display menu. Create and store audio files.
  • Silky smooth sticks- Each axis is supported by dual ball bearings. Stick tension and detent is adjustable, so airplane and heli modelers can personalize to their preference.
  • Preset Model Types Numerous aircraft configurations are already programmed into the 14MZ -- seven wing types and three tail types. That's a good example of the many built-in "shortcuts" that make this radio so easy to use. Just select the set-up you need!
  • Servo Grouping With the 14MZ, you can group multiple servos that control a single function onto one transmitter operation -- but plug the servos themselves into different individually adjustable receiver channels (even non-consecutively) without needing a separate servo synchronizer for mixing.

You get all this with the 14MZ:

  • 14MZ transmitter including (TM-14) RF module
  • R6014 2.4 GHz FASST Receiver
  • 32 MB Compact Flash data pack memory card
  • 7.4V Lithium Ion transmitter battery
  • Lithium Ion transmitter battery charger
  • Wall charger for receiver battery
  • 1500mAh NiCd 4.8V receiver battery
  • Aluminum case with fully padded interior
  • Switch harness
  • Aileron extension cord
  • Y-harness
  • DSC (Direct Servo Control) cord
  • Woven adjustable neck strap
  • Rubber tipped stylus pen for touch panel, dress nut wrench, 2.5mm and 1.5mm hex wrench
  • Instruction manual

SD CardIncluded Compact Flash Card

  • Expands memory by 100 models
  • Stores downloaded digital images
  • Records/stores downloaded Windows Media Audio (.wma) files, recorded sound files and up to 24, 3-second voice prompts for play back
  • Stores free 14MZ upgrades and updates downloaded from 14MZ web site


14MZ ModuleTM-14 Module

  • Futaba put an incredible amount of thought into how well one component fits — and works — with the next. Futaba 2.4GHz modules are no different from any other Futaba transmitter module: they simply plug into place, for fast, solid connections. No extra cords or clutter — just a perfect fit and unparalled performance first-time, every time.


R6014FS ReceiverR6014FS Receiver

  • 14 channels
  • Dual antennas
  • Battery failsafe with auto cut-off
  • Designed for Continuous Channel Shifting™ technology
  • "Locks" to transmitter's unique signal with push-button Easy Link™


Customizable Switch Banks (right and left)

  • Change location of existing switches, or plug in the style you prefer: long or short, button or toggle, spring-loaded or positionable.


Full-Color HVGA Display

  • Cut programming time in half with state-of-the-art touch-screen set-up or use the rotary dial and direct select buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • Start-up screen leads to three function-specific menus:
    System — for transmitter functions
    Linkage — for model functions that remain constant.
    Model — for functions that modify performance based on conditions
  • Identify aircraft with digital images alone — or add model names up to 32 characters long.
  • Clear, sharp 640 x 240 pixel resolution.
  • Displays battery capacity, trim positions, and other critical flight data for fast, at-a-glance reference.
  • Anti-glare filter and adjustable screen contrast maximize visibility in any light


Quad-Bearing GimbalsQuad-Bearing Gimbals

  • with dual bearings on each axis; length, tension and detent adjustments; and long-life potentiometer


Factory-Defined Mixes

  • Short-cuts designed to help you save time. The mixes are there – just add settings!
  • 24 in all: seven wing mixes, six flying wing mixes, four tail mixes and eight heli swash mixes.


Adjustment Ease

  • For finer tuning: ultra-precise 0.5% increments vs. 1% increments in other radios.
  • For greater speed: make changes in 5% increments with the "Fast Forward" option.


Variable Dual Rates6 Variable Dual Rates™ (VDR)

  • Factory-set rates can be assigned to any function in any flight condition.
  • Variable Dual Rates and Expo can be combined and activated automatically when a function is activated. No program mixing required.


Servo GroupingServo Grouping™

  • Allows all servos dedicated to a single function to be operated simultaneously and controlled like a single servo.
  • Servos can be plugged into different (even non-consecutive) receiver channels.
  • No servo synchronizer required — each servo's EPA can be adjusted individually from the transmitter.



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