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Klotz KL 198 20 Litre

Klotz KL 198 20 Litre

Product Information



Product Information


Pure synthetic base materials are blended for the perfect level of lubrication and performance for modern R/C helicopter glow engines. Klotz HeliGlow® is a special generation lightweight viscosity synthetic lubricant that provides enhanced flowability, improved lubrication with increased swept volume fuel charge for stronger performance. HeliGlow® provides easier starting, smoother transition from low to high speed and reduced engine temperature on climb-outs. Klotz HeliGlow® will challenge and outrun the competition in the following ways:
  • TechniPlate® lubricity system for superior film strength and anti-scuff protection
  • Reduced friction for LESS DRAG…MORE POWER
  • Provides smoother transitions
  • Minimizes smoke
  • Consistent needle settings
  • Minimizes 4-stroking
  • Contains anti-foaming agents


For use in all R/C helicopters, planes, boats, cars and trucks with glow engines.


Smoke Rating: 7 1 = fog - 10 = no smoke
Clean Burn™: 10 1 = heavy deposits - 10 = no carbon
Film Strength: 10 1 = failure - 10 = no wear
Pour Point: -29°F  
Flash Point: 420°F  
Maximum RPM: Unlimited  
Viscosity @ 100°c: 10.90 cSt Typical  
Product Color: Red  


Compatibility: Blends with methanol alcohol, nitromethane, gasoline and stays in suspension.
Fuel Stability
: Will dissolve completely in alcohol at ratios up to 5:1.
2-Stroke pre mix DO NOT use in oil injection systems.

R/C 2-Stroke glow engines
: Mix at 18-22%. Can be used with any nitromethane mixture
R/C 4-Stroke glow engines
: Mix at 7-10%. Can be used with any nitromethane mixture



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