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Performance Instructions- NELSON BREAK IN

I have always felt that break-in was important for all model engines, but I also think that most of today's flyers have been conditioned to believe that it isn't necessary.

Any Q40 or Q500 engine that I race will have had a dozen 10 oz. tanks of fuel run on the bench prior to it ever seeing an airplane. I mix my own fuel for the break-in consisting of 10% castor oil, 10% synthetic oil, 15% nitro methane and the balance methanol. All by volume, not by weight. Those of you who cannot mix your own can add 6 oz. castor oil per gallon of your usual fuel.

Props for break-in with the Q40 engine are a 7.4x8.0 APC carbon cut to 6" and balanced. Leave the tips square, it's OK. The Q500 engine uses a full 7.4x8.0. The Q40 prop will run about 27,000 and the Q500 prop about 21,000. Don't fret if you get different numbers.

Start the engine and allow it to run rich for about 1 minute, then slowly screw the needle in until you are running in a rich 2 cycle at about 3000 off the peak. Pinch and hold the pressure line allowing the engine to come up to peak rpm for about 10 seconds, then release and the engine will drop back to a rich setting to cool for about 1 minute. Continue this procedure through all 12 tanks of fuel, allowing the engine to cool completely between tanks.

The engine is now ready to race, but always keep it a little rich during the test flights. No sense in hurting it during practice.

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